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What Does Wet Sanding Do to Your Car

Jared Geoff

The reason why wet sanding gets so much attention is that it’s the most aggressive paint correction method available. Usually, it’s used to deal with paint issues and scratches that other methods cannot repair.

car wheel coating

Ceramic Coating For Wheels – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Brandon Trenton

Every car owner probably knows that keeping the wheels clean and shiny often turns out to be the most difficult part of car maintenance. Wheels are notorious for dirt build-ups, stain formation, and rust damage and even the most experienced car care professionals might encounter problems when trying to remove all that mud and grime. However, there are different ceramic coating products specifically designed for wheels that make the process of wheel maintenance a lot easier. A ceramic wheel coating creates a strong, glass-like layer that repels contaminants, keeps your wheels spotless, and restores their shine.

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Car Paint Protection – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Brandon Trenton

Protecting your vehicle’s paintwork is a must if you want your car to have that brand-new look and feel everyone loves. In order to keep your car well-protected and give it the shine it deserves, you’ll need to invest in automobile paint protection. To help you out, we’ve decided to draw up a list of the ultimate 10 car paint protection products that will surely boost your car’s appearance and value.

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Best Hydrophobic Coating – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Brandon Trenton

Choosing the best hydrophobic coating solution is not an easy feat, no matter whether you’re a detailing professional or a car enthusiast, so we’ve decided to help you out and offer you a ready-made list of the top ten hydrophobic coating solutions in the year 2020.