abandoned rusty car

What is the Best Rust Protection for a Car?

Jared Geoff

What’s rust and how you can prevent it from annihilating the value of your four-wheeler? Crack your knuckles and flex your muscles because stuff’s about to go down.

man spraying a car with water

Why and How to Use a Foam Cannon

Jared Geoff

One item that people are always curious about is the foam cannon a.k.a. foam lance, foam gun, or foamer. Why use a foam cannon? Find out!

Cleaning black car

What Does Wet Sanding Do to Your Car

Jared Geoff

The reason why wet sanding gets so much attention is that it’s the most aggressive paint correction method available. Usually, it’s used to deal with paint issues and scratches that other methods cannot repair.

water spots on a black car

Water Spots on a Car Won’t Come Off? This is How You Get Rid of Them

Jared Geoff

Every car owner knows how much trouble water spots are. Not only are they an aesthetic detriment but water spots can also lead to scratches that’ll make your vehicle look old. The worst thing about it is that these things can come from absolutely everywhere. The good news is that you don’t have to let water spots damage the vehicle you love so much. If you’re able to remove them promptly, there won’t be enough time left for craters to appear and etching won’t occur.


Armor Shield by AvalonKing – Product Review

Jared Geoff

Following the advances in the ceramic coating industry and technology, the market is flooded with quality nano ceramic coatings that are able to provide outstanding protection to our vehicles, improving their entire appearance. One of such coatings is Armor Shield IX DIY Kit by AvalonKing - a product that has left a significant impact on the entire detailing industry.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery?

Brandon Trenton

You have to rush to work, but the engine is not starting. Upon checking, you find that the car battery ...

Car Fuel Injectors

How To Clean Your Car’s Fuel Injectors?

Brandon Trenton

Your car needs a clear fuel injector to run smoothly on the right amount of fuel mixture. However, the fuel ...

Straight Pipe Exhaust System

Straight Pipe Exhaust System: What It Is And How Does It Work?

Brandon Trenton

Your car has a standard exhaust system fitted in to muffle the sound of its engine till you push the ...

How To Bleed Your Brakes

Detailed Guide On How To Bleed Your Brakes

Brandon Trenton

Bleeding the brakes on frequently is an integral part of keeping alive any automobile. We also know that majority of ...

How To Gap A Spark Plug

How To Gap A Spark Plug?

Brandon Trenton

Thus, you observed that your car is short of a bit of power and you examine beneath the hood and ...

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