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Following the advances in the ceramic coating industry and technology, the market is flooded with quality nano ceramic coatings that are able to provide outstanding protection to our vehicles, improving their entire appearance. One of such coatings is Armor Shield IX DIY Kit by AvalonKing – a product that has left a significant impact on the entire detailing industry.

That’s why we decided to give you an in-depth review that will cover all the major aspects of this highly-efficient coating solution and help you understand its main features and benefits. We’ve included everything there is to know about Armor Shield IX – the product’s distinct advantages, shipping and unboxing experience, application and aftercare, customer service, and customer feedback.


Armor Shield IX Benefits

Armor Shield IX is a premium ceramic coating that uses state-of-the-art nano technology, high-quality ingredients known for their effectiveness, and a long-lasting SiO2 infused formula to provide premium protection, flawless performance, impressive durability, superior strength, and brilliant gloss.

If applied properly, Armor Shield IX binds to the vehicle’s surface and fills in all the existing cracks and imperfections, creating a thick protective layer that acts as a true armor. It guards your vehicle against a wide range of environmental and industrial contaminants that cause the paintwork to fade and become damaged.

This nano ceramic coating has good self-cleaning characteristics and extreme hydrophobic properties, which help create surface tension. The result is a slick paint surface that enables water beading, causing the water to run off instead of sticking to the surface and causing stains, marks, erosion, corrosion, and rust. Along with the water, the coating repels other elements as well, including harmful UV rays, sunshine erosion, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, graffiti, chemicals, industry powder, road dirt, grime, and dust. Such exceptional protection will help you keep your vehicle looking brand new for years to come.

Another advantage of Armor Shield IX is its extreme thickness. Thanks to the 9H graphite hardness that is one of the product’s main characteristics, this coating does an amazing job at protecting your vehicle’s surface against mechanical damage such as scratching. We rate and then approve In the final step of our review process, we carefully score the online casino on the above criteria and then write a detailed review about our findings and score individual sections of each casino. The surface will be pristine and smooth to the touch – a definite dream come true for every vehicle or vessel owner out there.

A deep, mirror-like gloss is one more benefit of this high-quality coating. Rest assured that this nano ceramic coating will cause a show-stopping glossy finish that totally boosts the vehicle’s appearance and makes the paint color pop. And there’s nothing we like more than to keep our car, motorcycle, boat, or plane looking great all the time.

Finally, Armor Shield IX is one of the most durable ceramic coatings available today. If applied and maintained properly, this coating provides a protective shield that lasts between 2 and 5 years. An air conditioner does not take air from…. Such longevity saves you a lot of time and tons of money which you’d otherwise have to spend on vehicle maintenance.

Armor Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating DIY Kit – Shipping and Unboxing

Once you place your order, AvalonKing will ship the Armor Shield IX DIY Kit directly to the address you left when filling in the order, no matter what part of the world you live in. What’s even better is that the shipment is free of charge in case you live in the USA or Canada. Since the shipment is direct, you can expect the kit to arrive shortly. In the meantime, you’ll receive welcome emails from the company that contain useful information about the product itself, preparatory work you should do in advance, and so on.

The next thing you know, your package is on your doorstep and the process of unboxing can begin. The packaging itself is simply beautiful. It is elegantly designed, enriched with matte black color, and has a luxurious, high-end feel to it. It’s made out of quality materials, so the kit’s content is well-protected during the shipment. Such design definitely reveals a lot about the company itself and makes more than a wonderful first impression, which in turn affects the entire customer experience. The real treat, however, waits for you once you open the box.

Armor Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating

Inside, you’ll find just about everything a DIY detailing enthusiast needs to quickly and safely apply the Armor Shield IX:

  • A 30 ml bottle of Armor Shield IX. The color of the bottle is silver and it’s designed to keep the solution safe and prevent spillage,
  • a pair of professional nitrile gloves,
  • an application sponge,
  • three applicator clothes,
  • a microfiber towel used for buffing,
  • a product booklet that contains all necessary product information and safety tips, as well as thorough operating instructions on how to prepare your vehicle for the coating, how to apply the Armor Shield IX, what to do once you apply the product, how long to wait for the coating to cure, and how to care for and maintain your ceramic coating.

Considering everything you get for the amazing price of only $69.99 per kit, AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit is totally worth the investment. What’s more, AvalonKing offers generous volume discounts, so if you order 2 kits, you get a 50% discount for the second one – 4. The different gambling authorities and license issue companies check every new online casino before it can go online. 99, and if you order three kits, the total price will be $139.99, which means that you get one kit for free.

Please note that the prices mentioned here are those found at the time of writing this product review. To find out the latest prices, check the company’s website.

Armor Shield IX Application

Due to its ease of application, Armor Shield IX is a perfect ceramic coating for those looking for a reliable DIY solution and it is equally loved by detailing experts as well as complete DIY novices. It is designed with the user in focus and provides an easy, quick, and safe application even for those not-so-much-experienced-but-eager-to-try car enthusiasts.

The first thing you should know is that Armor Shield IX is a very versatile product. You can apply it to your car, motorcycle, bike, SUV, RV, truck, boat, yacht, or even a plane. Moreover, this nano ceramic coating is safe to use on different types of surfaces, such as plastic, paint, metal, stainless steel, chrome, wheels, headlights, glass, carbon fiber, PPF, and vinyl wraps.

For Armor Shield IX to deliver maximum results, you first need to make sure that the surface is well-prepared. That means that you should wash your vehicle very thoroughly, ideally by using the so-called two-bucket washing method, which is the most efficient way to remove the existing surface dirt, grime, dust, and grease. FS wins granted in bonus after all FS used. For removing stubborn dirt, you should use a clay bar treatment, which penetrates deeper into the paint and helps destroy trapped contaminants as well. This facilitates the entire application process and enables the coating to bond well with the vehicle’s surface, which in turn increases the efficiency of the product and boosts its overall performance.

When the vehicle is clean and dirt-free, leave it in a cool, shaded place such as the garage for at least 3 hours, to reduce its surface temperature. Once the right temperature is achieved, take the application sponge and wrap it into one of the applicator cloths. Pour several drops (up to 10 or 12) of Armor Shield IX directly onto the cloth to make it damp. Next, carefully wipe a thin layer of the coating across one part of the vehicle’s surface in order to spread the coating solution evenly. Keep your cloth saturated during the procedure. Don’t rush it – it’s best to do one section at a time and buff the coating off as soon as it settles for the best results.

Armor Shield IX has a very quick curing time – it’s recommended to keep the vehicle indoors for 1 to 2 days for the coating to fully cure. When it comes to the aftercare, this nano coating doesn’t require any additional aftercare sprays, just make sure to clean your vehicle on a biweekly basis, so as not to allow debris to build up. Welcome to the Best Online Casino in New Jersey Join the fun and excitement with us at Borgata Online Casino, home to some of the best online casino games in New Jersey and the most extensive collection of live dealer games in New Jersey.

Customer Service and Customer Reviews

In case you encounter any problem, or simply have a couple of questions you’d like to ask, you can always contact the AvalonKing support team and they’ll be more than ready to help you out. You can reach them via email, use a chat box to send a quick message, or contact them through social media, since they have profiles on all the major social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

In addition, they have an entire section on their website, called Help Center, dedicated to helping customers out. There, you can find the answers to all commonly asked questions regarding Armor Shield IX, the application procedure, aftercare, and the company’s shipping and returns policy.

Don’t forget to take a look at their Reviews section as well, as it can help you find out more about both the company and the product itself. There are nearly 2,200 customers who have left their feedback so far and the product’s overall rating is 4.8 out of 5. The majority of customers are more than satisfied with the coating – 96% of them would gladly recommend Armor Shield IX DIY Kit to a friend, which reveals a lot about the quality of this nano ceramic coating.


As the highest-rated DIY nano ceramic coating on the market, Armor Shield IX is a product designed to deliver and, as such, definitely worth your time and money. It is a powerful coating solution that provides flawless performance even under the most severe circumstances. Its effects are clearly visible and long-lasting, so it won’t take long for this coating to become your go-to detailing product. What’s more, you’ll most certainly enjoy every step of your customer journey – from the moment the coating arrives up until the process of application is complete, Armor Shield IX by AvalonKing will surely surpass all your needs and expectations.