Straight Pipe Exhaust System: What It Is And How Does It Work?

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Straight Pipe Exhaust System

Your car has a standard exhaust system fitted in to muffle the sound of its engine till you push the accelerator pedal that has a straight pipe exhaust system installed beneath. These exhaust systems are designed in a way to allow the engine to tighten its screws to squeak, squeal, bump or bang. It is after the installation that they make your car noisy.

Straight Pipe Exhaust – What Is It?

We can’t move forward without having a general idea of what a straight exhaust system is. Understanding what is it will help you to get a grip on how a straight pipe exhaust works and value the benefits it adds to your car.

A straight pipe exhaust is a purpose-built exhaust system manufactured without a catalytic converter or muffler. It works on a simple mechanism that uses straight pipes, starting from a car’s exhaust pipe and leading straightly to the rare end of the vehicle. Since there is absolutely nothing between your engine makes and the rear of the car, your car becomes much louder after a straight pipe exhaust system is installed.

Straight Pipe Exhaust System – What Does It Do?

The first thing that every car owner observes is the noise that their car’s engine produces. However, the straight pipe exhaust has other important roles to play in the overall comfort of your car. Straight pipe exhaust systems collect the gases and vapors from the engine and discharge them behind the rear of the car to be released into the air, just as standard exhaust systems. In case if the straight exhaust pipe is not installed correctly, it can get your vehicle in trouble. Your car may be cannot get rid of the dangerous gases and vapors your engine produces, making it overheat.

If you are planning to install a straight pipe exhaust system, make sure the job is done in the right way from start to finish or hire a professional to avoid inconvenience in the future.

Is Installing a Straight Pipe Exhaust System Pocket Friendly?

If you are familiar with cars and have some experience with installing exhaust systems yourself, you would like to give it a shot for installing the straight pipe exhaust on your own. If you plan on it, then make your decision keeping its pros and cons in mind. The installation also requires welding. Not every person is skilled in it.

Installing a straight exhaust pipe in a car wouldn’t be heavy on your pocket if you do it yourself. All you have to care about are the tools and time you would need to install a straight exhaust pipe. This should keep costs down. You should know that everything, from the type of car you have to the specific parts you need to buy, will add up to a different total cost. You can easily find people spending more than $ 1,00 for installing straight-pipe exhaust systems.

Benefits of Having a Straight Pipe Exhaust

Now, let’s take a look at the specifics to understand the advantages of installing a straight pipe drain. There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you install a straight exhaust pipe placed in your car. Here are some of the biggest benefits listed below:

Breath-Taking Aesthetics:

From the second, the straight exhaust pipe is installed; your car will start looking like a sporty beast. While people won’t be able to see most of your new exhaust system, the pipes that protrude straightly from the rear without the muffler will grab everyone’s attention.

Less Weight of Vehicle:

Equipping your car with a straight pipe exhaust will not make your car float in the air, of course, but removing the catalytic converter and muffler from the system will make the car a little lighter than before. This can help make your car run faster than ever.

Improved Performance:

A straight pipe exhaust gives the car a much better performance than a standard exhaust system. That is why you will find straight pipe exhaust systems mostly in the racing cars. You will notice an increase in power and torque after placing the straight exhaust from the pipe. A straight exhaust reduces the pressure exerted on the engine by gases due to which performance of your engine is improved.

Better Fuel Economy:

Improved fuel consumption comes as a surprise to vehicle owners after installing a straight pipe exhaust. The straight design of the exhaust pipe makes it easier to clean the exhaust gases from the car and improves the engine’s overall performance. The low weight of the car with straight exhaust from the pipes adds to the better fuel economy too.

Get Used To Of Noises:

A straight exhaust car will be noisy, it’s a known fact. It is going to be so loud that you will have been breaking some local noise laws after installing a straight exhaust in some areas.

Now, you know why people like to invest in a straight pipe exhaust. The straight exhaust pipes can produce more than just noise that is a long list of benefits.

Disadvantages Of Having A Straight Pipe Exhaust

We have just discussed the benefits of installing a straight exhaust pipe in a car, but you cannot ignore the disadvantages of installing a straight exhaust pipe. Check out some of these drawbacks below to keep in mind before making a decision.

Loud Noise:

It looks cool to drive in a car that makes noise. However, there is something like a car that makes too much noise at the same time that you can’t just let go. You could be breaking the law if your straight exhaust pipe makes more noise than the levels allowed. Therefore, most cars with a straight exhaust system installed are used exclusively on racing tracks.

Increased Smoke:

Your car’s exhaust system is ready to deliver more than just exhaust and vapors. It prevents your car from producing a large volume of harmful gases that do not harm the planet too much. The catalytic converter is designed to convert harmful gases into less harmful. If you remove your car’s catalytic converter from the mixture, your car will start producing harmful emissions every time you drive it again.

Additional Charges:

When buying a car with at least one standard exhaust system installed, you need to think about the additional charges you would be dealing with. The system keeps your car in good condition. If you decide to replace it with a straight pipe exhaust, it will add cost in the car’s maintenance, which otherwise never existed. You will still incur costs even if you install an affordable, straight exhaust pipe, especially if you are working on a budget.

Losing Value:

You might sell a straight exhaust car for more than you would if it had a standard exhaust system, specifically talking about a race car, but it can be very difficult to sell a straight exhaust car in the first place. Why? Just think why an average person would need a straight exhaust pipe in his car? You got the answer. Why would someone pay you for a small fortune and a noisier car that they don’t actually need and can get them into legal trouble?

Is Selling A Car With A Straight Pipe Exhaust A Good Idea?

By now, you must have understood that it is not easy to sell a car with a straight pipe exhaust system at the right price. For some people, this may be impossible, depending on where they live and what is at demand in the local car market. If there is no racing car market in your area, then you cannot lay it off anyway.

In this case, removing the straight exhaust pipe and installing the standard exhaust system in your car again might sound like an idea. Otherwise, you need to work out another way to sell your car and get a fair deal.

Struggling To Sell A Car With A Straight Pipe Exhaust? What Can You Do?

If you are struggling to sell a car with a straight pipe exhaust system in a private sale, then you have a great option. There are many companies that would pay you in cash for a car with a straight exhaust pipe, no strings attached. Now, you don’t have to find a racer or car enthusiast willing to pay a good dollar or worry about putting a standard exhaust system back on your car.