Ceramic Coating for Trucks – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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Armor Shield IX
Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit - 9H Ceramic Coating 5+ Years Of Protection | Stronger Than Car Wax | Apply After Car Wash, Clay Bar, Car Polisher | Car Detailing Kit Boat RV Motorcycle
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating, PRO Car, Plastic, Glass, and Wheel Exterior Care Product kit, Hydrophobic, Long Lasting Professional Care, 9H High Gloss Paint Shine, Automotive Polishing with Sio2, 30ML
Armor Shield IX
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit
Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit - 9H Ceramic Coating 5+ Years Of Protection | Stronger Than Car Wax | Apply After Car Wash, Clay Bar, Car Polisher | Car Detailing Kit Boat RV Motorcycle
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating, PRO Car, Plastic, Glass, and Wheel Exterior Care Product kit, Hydrophobic, Long Lasting Professional Care, 9H High Gloss Paint Shine, Automotive Polishing with Sio2, 30ML

In an ideal world, all vehicles would be eternally pristine. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way and most vehicles suffer scratches, stains, and other sorts of damages. This is especially the case with trucks as they often see a lot of off-road action. That being said, if you own a truck, protecting it from all minor damages is a good idea and ceramic coating is the best way to do it.

Ceramic coating does a phenomenal job of protecting the shell of your truck but it doesn’t end there. Ceramic coating comes with all sorts of other benefits and applying it to your truck makes a lot of sense. Later in this post, we’ll discuss what else ceramic coating products can do for your vehicle. However, if you want to get all these benefits, you have to make sure you choose the best ceramic coating product for your truck. That’s why we came up with this 2020 buyer’s guide – we carefully reviewed each of the products you’ll find in the list and ranked them from best to worst.

Things to Consider When Choosing Ceramic Coating for Your Truck

Obviously, when choosing a ceramic coating for your truck, you should aim at getting the product that offers the most protection, which is usually determined by the amount of SiO2. The higher percentage of SiO2 in the formula, the stronger and longer-lasting the product. Knowing that, keep the following few things in mind when selecting the best product for your truck.


One of ceramic coating’s primary tasks is to protect your truck from harmful chemicals, UV rays, and other toxins vehicles are generally exposed to. This is why the product you apply has to be strong. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a product with a hardness rating of 9H.

Damage reduction

No matter how careful you are, avoiding things such as dirt and scratches is impossible. An extra layer on the outer parts of your truck will help reduce this type of damage and practically make it invisible.

Bonding with other materials

People tend to associate ceramic coating with paint surfaces. While often used on this type of surface, ceramic coating can usually be applied to other materials as well. However, this depends on the product you opt for. We recommend choosing a product that can bond with all materials as it’s a good way to get maximum protection for your truck.


Another thing to keep in mind when choosing ceramic coating for your truck is how DIY-friendly the product is. Products that are easy to apply can save you a lot of money on regular maintenance and repairs. If you’re into truck detailing, applying the product DIY style shouldn’t be difficult.

Price Ranges

Another thing you should think about before you start the search for a ceramic coating product for your truck is how much you’re ready to spend. Obviously, truck ceramic coating products come in all price ranges and your budget should dictate what kind of https://www.redstarvapor.com/zolpidem-ambien/ product you should look for. We’ve broken down ceramic coating for trucks into three different price-points that might make choosing the product for your truck easier.

Under $30

Most of the time, you’ll be able to find ceramic coating sprays for less than $30. These ceramic coatings are generally a more short-term solution and they don’t offer as much protection as more expensive products do. As you’ll see later in the list, some coats are available for less than $30 as well, but the product quality isn’t anywhere close to the quality of the top-rated products on the list.

Between $30 and $60

Usually, SiO2 sprays fall under this category. These sprays are also short-term solutions but they’re significantly better than the ones you can get for under $30.

Above $60

This is where we can see a huge jump in class between SiO2 ceramic coatings. For maximum protection, consider getting a ceramic coating product that falls under this category.

Our Top 8 Ceramic Coatings for Trucks

Having in mind everything we’ve said above, we singled out our top 8 truck ceramic coating products we believe would meet your requirements. Listed below are four factors we took into account when reviewing each of these products.

1)  Product quality: We looked at the basic information about the product. This includes the product formula, its longevity, and how well it can protect your truck.

2)  Presentation: Not all ceramic coatings arrive the same at your doorstep. It’s up to the manufacturer to decide what they want to include in the kit and we checked what the best kits on the market include. Another thing we paid attention to is the visual and quality aspect of the product packaging.

3)  Customer Feedback: Sometimes, you need more than just the info the manufacturer has provided to identify the best ceramic coating for your vehicle. That’s why we checked user-written ratings for each of these products.

4)  Overall Value: The final thing we factored in all of our reviews is the overall value you get for your money. Products that offer nearly identical protection are ranked based on their price.

Armor Shield IX

1. Armor Shield IX – by AvalonKing

Keeping in mind everything we discussed earlier, we identified Avalon King’s Armor Shield IX to be the best ceramic coating for trucks on the market. What makes this product stand out is the fact that other ceramic coatings are made from a formula with less SiO2 and they can’t compete with Armor Shield IX when it comes to protecting the shell of the vehicle. Also, as you’ll see later, customers love this product the most as it’s the highest-rated product on our list. Therefore, no matter what kind of truck you own, this is the perfect ceramic coating for you. Here’s more on why Armor Shield IX is our highest-ranked truck ceramic coating option.

Ranking #1

1)  Product Quality: Avalon King’s Armor Shield IX is made from an 84 percent SiO2 formula. Since the strength of the product is heavily dependent on the amount of SiO2 in it, it’s obvious that this product offers the best protection you can get for your truck. What’s more, the layer it forms on the shell of your truck will remain there for up to five years. This makes it one of the longest-lasting products on our list. Judging by the product quality, Armor Shield IX is, indeed, the best ceramic coating you’ll find.

2)  Presentation: In case you’re looking for a product that comes in top-notch packaging, look no further. The kit prepared by Avalon King is absolutely amazing and the product comes in a quality chrome bottle. This ensures the product doesn’t get damaged on its way to your doorstep.

3)  Customer Feedback: Thousands of satisfied customers across all platforms are another proof that Armor Shield IX is a product you just can’t go wrong with. On the company’s website, the product is rated 4.8 out of 5. This makes Armor Shield IX the best-rated ceramic coating for trucks on our list.

4)  Overall Value: Another reason why we find this to be the best product on the market is that the kit with a 30 ml bottle is available for a great price of $69.99. In addition, it comes with a two-year expected guarantee, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the product’s effectiveness. Also, if you need multiple kits for your truck, you can unlock a “buy two, get one free” deal.

Here are the FACTS:

  • Multi-purpose kit that does an amazing job of protecting outer truck parts
  • Made from an 84 percent SiO2 formula
  • Best user-rated product on the market (4.8 out of 5)
  • Three kits available for just $139.99

Adam’s UV Paint Ceramic Coating

2. Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit

The second-best ceramic coating for trucks, based on our methodology, is Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating. Not only does this product offer high-end protection, but it’s one of the most user-friendly options on the market. So, even if you haven’t spent much time detailing your truck, applying the product shouldn’t be hard.

Ranking #2

1)  Product Quality: As we’ve already said, the product by Adam’s Polishes provides a significant amount of protection, which is what every truck owner needs. What makes it stand out even more is the UV flashlight feature it comes with. That’s right - there’s a UV flashlight in the kit you can use to check where you’ve already applied the product. This makes the entire application process a piece of cake.

2)  Presentation: There are three types of Adam’s UV Paint Ceramic Coating kits available on Amazon. You can get the coat alone, a ceramic paint kit or a UV complete kit that comes with the UV flashlight we mentioned earlier.

3)  Customer Feedback: The product’s Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 shows that Adam’s UV Paint Ceramic Coating is worthy of second place on our list. The company has almost 400 thousand followers on Instagram, which is another indicator of how popular the brand is.

4)  Overall Value: At $82 for a standard kit and $105 for a UV complete kit, you can rest assured you’re getting a fair deal if you opt for Adam’s UV Paint Ceramic Coating.

Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO

3. Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO

Truck owners who are looking to ceramic coat their vehicle on a budget might want to consider getting Nano Bond’s Ceramic Coating PRO. Not only that the price of this product looks amazing, but the claims made by the manufacturer about the product’s quality are amazing. 

Ranking #3

1)  Product Quality: Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO is made from an 80 percent SiO2 formula. This is close to the no. 1 ceramic coating on our list. What’s more, the manufacturer claims that the product lasts up to three years.

2)  Presentation: This is where you get exactly what you’ve paid for. Nano Bond’s product comes in a pretty standard bottle. The kit, however, contains everything you need for the application process.

3)  Customer Feedback: Nano Bond Ceramic Coating has over 450 Amazon reviews and holds a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the site. Some customers seem to have had issues applying the product, which is something you might want to think about before getting Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO.

4)  Overall Value: As we’ve already said, Nano Bond offers incredible value for just $36.90. 

Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit

4. Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit

As you’d expect from one of the fastest-growing brands in the sector, Drexler has come up with an amazing ceramic coating kit. Their high-end product is exported across the world and more truck owners are falling in love with it as we speak. What makes the Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit unique is that it comes with two coats formula – the base coat and top coat spray. Applying both to the shell of your truck will give it long-lasting maximum protection.

Ranking #4

1)  Product Quality: Coming with two different formulas, Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit offers absolutely everything your truck needs. In case you apply both of them, you can expect the new layers to last for even up to five years.

2)  Presentation: One of the best things about this kit is that it comes with everything you need for the application process. Besides the two coats, the kit includes an application sponge with suedines pads, a microfiber cloth, and a pair of gloves.

3)  Customer Feedback: Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit is rated 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon which isn’t ideal and you’ll find plenty of better-ranked products on the market.

4)  Overall Value: $69.90 for a 30 ml bottle and a 50 ml spray is one of the better deals available at the moment, which is ultimately why Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit ranks this high on our list.

Migliore Strata Coating

5. Migliore Strata Coating

The next item we opted for is Migliore Strata Coating. The product is a mixture of ceramic and synthetic ingredients, specifically chosen to keep the shell of your truck protected. Experts at Migliore aimed at creating a product that protects the vehicle and gives it a showroom shine, and there’s no doubt they’ve succeeded.

Ranking #5

1)  Product Quality: While the manufacturer hasn’t listed the formula the product is made from, the product is strong enough to keep your truck safe from scratches and stains. The only problem is longevity, as the product lasts for only about a year.

2)  Presentation: It may not be a long-term option, but Migliore Strata Coating comes in stylish packaging. Unfortunately, their site doesn’t offer a list of items included in the kit but we’ve found a helpful “Instructions” page on the site.

3)  Customer Feedback: Migliore Strata Coating is a fairly strong ceramic coating but it holds a poor Amazon rating (4.2 out of 5). Most customers are happy with the product quality, but they expected more in terms of longevity and user-friendliness.

4)  Overall Value: $89.99 per kit is quite high, especially when you take into account that the product has a life expectancy of 12 months.

Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Coating

6. Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating

Ranked No. 8 on our list, we have Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Coating. It’s a nice option for truck owners who want to ceramic coat their vehicle on a budget but don’t want to use spray ceramic coating. Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Coating is of the cheapest truck ceramic coating products you’ll find.

Ranking #6

1)  Product Quality: As you can imagine, this product isn’t anywhere close to the higher-ranked ceramic coatings we talked about earlier. However, given the fact that it’s less expensive than some of the ceramic coating sprays, Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Coating simply had to find its way onto this list. While no information about the product longevity was provided, the manufacturer claims it protects the surface from all damages.

2)  Presentation: The kit provided by Malcm is a nice little kit containing the product bottle (30 ml) and a sponge.

3)  Customer Feedback: Rated only 4 out of 5 on Amazon, Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Coating is the worst-rated product on our list.

4)  Overall Value: While the product’s rating isn’t that high, for $9.99 a kit, you really can’t expect more. If you’re looking for the cheapest ceramic coating for trucks on the market, you’ll find it in Malcm High Gloss Ceramic Coating.

Carfidant Ceramic Coating Spray

7. Carfidant Ceramic Coating Spray Car Wax

We’ve now come to the point where we’d like to mention ceramic coating sprays, which are generally good but short-term solutions. The highest-rated spray on our list is Carfidant’s Ceramic Coating Spray, which applies just as easily as a standard spray but it provides way more protection and gloss.

Ranking #7

1)  Product Quality: Experts at Carfidant aren’t keen on sharing formulation, but they claim it’s one of the most effective ones among ceramic coating sprays. The product is safe to use on all surfaces. This means that the only other thing you need is a truck interior cleaning set and your vehicle will look incredible.

2)  Presentation: Like most sprays, Carfidant Ceramic Coating Spray isn’t part of a kit and it comes in a standard bottle. However, there’s a “frequently bought together” section on the manufacturer’s page where you can find other kits that might come in handy.

3)  Customer Feedback: It looks as if the previous customers knew what they were getting for when buying Carfidant Ceramic Coating Spray - it has an Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5. It may not be the strongest product around but it’s a perfect cheap solution. 

4)  Overall Value: Carfidant Ceramic Coating Spray is currently discounted on Amazon and you can get it for only $15.19 which is a great deal, compared to the standard price of $29.99. Check if the product is still discounted before you decide to get it.

Mothers CMX

8. Mothers Ceramic Spray Coating

Next on our list is Mothers CMX ceramic coating spray. It’s another cost-effective solution some truck owners might be interested in. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, Mothers CMX is made from a combination of SiO2 and TiO2. This makes it last longer which is why many people consider it to be among the best ceramic coating sprays.

Ranking #8

1)  Product Quality: Made from a blend of SiO2 and TiO2, you can expect Mothers CMX to do a fairly good job of protecting your truck, especially for a ceramic coating spray. Like other sprays, it’s only a short-term solution and you should reapply it after three months.

2)  Presentation: The spray bottle Mothers CMX comes in a standard plastic bottle.

3)  Customer Feedback: Mothers CMX holds an Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5. While there are better-rated products around, it’s one of the best sprays on the market, according to user-generated ratings.

4)  Overall Value: For just $16.99 per bottle, you really can’t expect more from this product. While it’s only a short-term solution, we liked how it performs as truck paint protection.

The bottom line

Choosing the ceramic coating product for your truck isn’t as easy as some people imagine. It’s all about how much money you’re looking to invest and what you expect from the product. As you can see from our buyer’s guide, there are more long-term and short-term ceramic coatings available. Also, products offer different levels of protection, which is another thing you should have in mind when deciding on the one you want to get. No matter what kind of truck you own, opting for our top picks is guaranteed to work out. We hope the information provided in this post will make deciding on the product a bit easier.


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