Ceramic Coating for Planes – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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Armor Shield IX
GTECHNIQ CSL Crystal Serum, Light
RealClean Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
Gtechniq - CSL Crystal Serum Light - Ceramic Coating, Protect Your Paint, Add Gloss, Resist Swirls, Repel Contaminants, Ultra-Durable, High-Gloss, Slick Feeling, Resists Chemicals (50 milliliters)
Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating- Armor your aircraft/ aircraft paint protection
Armor Shield IX
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
GTECHNIQ CSL Crystal Serum, Light
Gtechniq - CSL Crystal Serum Light - Ceramic Coating, Protect Your Paint, Add Gloss, Resist Swirls, Repel Contaminants, Ultra-Durable, High-Gloss, Slick Feeling, Resists Chemicals (50 milliliters)
RealClean Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating
Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating- Armor your aircraft/ aircraft paint protection

The high-altitude environment isn’t exactly the best for your aircraft’s appearance. In fact, there are all sorts of factors that can impair both its looks and performance. This includes everything from bird and insect contaminants to UV rays.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to do everything you can to protect the outer parts of your plane. All jet owners will be happy to hear that this can be done DIY-style. All you need is a good ceramic coating for planes and a lot of free time. If you have the right product and you’re ready to invest time into it, it can turn out to be an amazing and effective project to work on. However, there are so many ceramic coatings on the market, and not all of them can handle the altitude aircraft fly in. Therefore, you have to make sure you opt for a ceramic coating product that has been designed either only for planes or all vehicles including planes.

Identifying the best ceramic coating for you also isn’t as easy as you would’ve imagined. To help you, we reviewed the best aircraft ceramic coating products on the market and ranked them, starting with our favorite. Check out the list below to find the ultimate ceramic coating product for your plane.

Top 6 Ceramic Coating for Planes Review

Explaining the Ranking System

Before we start reviewing products one by one, let’s take a look at the formula we used to evaluate each product on the list. We believe these four major points are the key to plane ceramic coatings and here’s why.

1.      The quality of the product

The first thing we looked at when reviewing each of these six products is the formula behind it. The way the product has been designed usually directly affects the longevity of the coating, which is critical when it comes to aircraft.

2.      Customer feedback

There are not so many plane owners online and any information provided by one can be extremely helpful when selecting the best product for your jet. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours looking for information online as we’ve checked out ratings and comments made about each product on our list.

3.      Price

Obviously, the product price is one of the key things to keep in mind when looking for the best ceramic coating for your plane. You should always look to get the most value for your money and we’ll help you do exactly that. While creating this list, we looked at each product’s price and how it aligns with what the product provides.

Another important thing to mention before we move on is that the prices listed in this post are those listed by the manufacturer at the time of writing. They are subject to change and it’s advised to check the prices yourself before deciding on the product you want to buy.

4.      Online presence

Often overlooked by customers, the online presence of the company you’re buying from can be a deciding factor in how enjoyable your ceramic coating project turns out to be. Some brands pay a lot of attention to their presence on the internet and turning to one of them is usually a great idea. If you need any help or additional information about the product, you’ll have several ways to reach out to them.

What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Plane Coating?

Another thing we wanted to talk about before showing you our list of the best plane ceramic coating products are the benefits they bring. We briefly discussed this earlier in this post but there are more things a ceramic coating does other than just protect the outer parts of your plane. With that said, let’s check out what ceramic coating can do for your aircraft.

1.      Paint protection

When applied to the shell of your plane, ceramic coating bonds with it and creates a new layer that serves as protection. That extra layer can prevent all sorts of damages that might affect the overall look of your jet. With so many potential damages in high altitudes, this may be exactly what you needed to make the paint on your plane stay intact. Designed to protect the paint, the ceramic coating can also help protect other outer parts of your plane.

2.      Longevity

Many people enjoy detailing their aircraft. Quite often, they apply regular wax which doesn’t do that good of a job when it comes to protecting the plane. Not only this, but ceramic coating is known to last longer, also increasing the lifetime of your paint. When choosing the ceramic coating product for your plane, keep in mind that ceramic coating longevity depends on the product quality.

3.      Easy to clean

Owning an aircraft is an experience, and most owners see cleaning them as reconnecting with one of their favorite treasures. Still, cleaning your jet can be time-consuming, and finding a way to make it easier to clean is generally a good idea. Luckily, ceramic coating does exactly that. When you apply it to your plane, you’ll see that the process of washing it becomes easier and less time-consuming. Just bear in mind that you still need to take off any jewelry and your watch when washing it, to prevent leaving scratches and swirls on your precious bird.

4.      Cost-effectiveness

It does take a significant amount of money to maintain a plane. Spare parts can be tough to find and most of the time, you need a good mechanic who’ll help you out. Therefore, finding new ways to save money can come in handy. One of the benefits of ceramic coating is that, while products may be more expensive than regular wax products, they help you reduce your spending in the long run. It’s just that it’ll take more time before you’re supposed to get new bottles and apply them.

5.      Appearance

Last, but definitely not least, is how much an airplane ceramic coating product can do for your plan in terms of looks. Not only that there won’t be any scratches, hurting the plane’s appearance, but the ceramic coating will keep it looking sleek and shiny, which is exactly what every plane owner wants.

Our List of the Best Plane Ceramic Coating Products for 2020

Next you’ll find our list of the best plane ceramic coating products for 2020, starting from the one that has left the strongest impression on us.

Armor Shield IX

1. Armor Shield IX – by AvalonKing

We start our list with a kit brought to you by Avalon King, called Armor Shield IX. This product has absolutely everything you need, all in one piece. Once you open the kit, you’ll see that it comes with all the safety equipment and most importantly, the cream of the crop plane ceramic coating product. We’ll talk about Armor Shield IX’s formula later, but you should know that it’s the best formula in the industry, and applying to just any plane is guaranteed to work out. Another reason why we have it rank no. 1 in this list is that Armor Shield IX offers the best value for your money by far, compared to other products on the market.

Why It’s Our Top Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: Above, we’ve mentioned that Armor Shield IX’s formula is the best one available. The formulation includes 84 percent of SiO2, which is exactly what the exterior of your aircraft needs to remain intact. In addition, the product lasts for two years, saving you time when it comes to application and making maintenance as easy as it gets. We should also mention that the products come in an exclusive-looking box you’ll fall in love with right away. The kit includes a sponge to use when applying the product, a pair of carefully designed nitrile gloves, and a buffing towel.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Another proof that Armor Shield IX is the best ceramic coating for your plane is the fact that it’s the best-rated product on the market. We found over 2000 positive reviews on the official Avalon King website, and the product is rated 4.8 out of 5. 96 percent of previous customers would recommend the product to a friend, only showing how effective it is when applied to any vehicle.

PRICE: As we’ve already said, when buying a ceramic coating kit for your plane, you should aim at getting the best value for your money. This is absolutely the case with Armor Shield IX as it’s the best product on the market and it’s available for $69.99 for a 30 ml bottle kit. Depending on the size of your jet, you might need to get multiple boxes at once. If you get three bottles, you activate a ‘buy two, get one free’ special deal.

ONLINE PRESENCE: Avalon King has one of the strongest online presences in the industry. With a number of brand ambassadors and active social media pages, finding them on the web shouldn’t be tough. There’s a handy help center on their website as well. If you include a @avalonking hashtag in your Instagram post, there’s a chance they’ll feature you on their Instagram page.

Here are the facts

  • Armor Shield IX includes the best SiO2 formula you can find
  • The strongest product on the market
  • ‘Buy two, get one free’ special deal
  • The best value for the price

Gtechniq CSL Crystal Serum Light

2. GTECHNIQ CSL Crystal Serum Light

The next jet ceramic coating on our list is Gtechniq’s CSL Crystal Serum Light, another extremely strong ceramic coating product. Its formula allows it to resist extremely low and high temperatures, making it an ideal product for your plane. Gtechniq is also a highly renowned brand and you can trust the information provided on their website. While CSL Crystal Serum Light has a slightly lower customer rating than Armor Shield IX, customers seem to be satisfied with the product.

Why It’s Our Second Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: CSL Crystal Serum Light uses a specially designed formula that creates a highly strong bond with aircraft paint. The protective layer it creates is resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 to pH12, something that might come in handy to those who like detailing their plane DIY-style. According to the manufacturer, the product has a lifespan of between 3 and 5 years. It comes in a standard bottle and a mint scent.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: On Amazon, CSL Crystal Serum Light has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, which is slightly worse than Armor Shield IX. That’s where you can also find user-posted pictures of the product when applied on a vehicle.

PRICE: The serum is available on Amazon where it’s discounted at the time of writing. You can get a 50 ml CSL Crystal Serum Light bottle kit for $96.99. The original price on Amazon stands at $104.99.

ONLINE PRESENCE: Getchniq has an okay online presence. They have separate UK and North America Twitter accounts and they post on a regular basis. While their site looks great, we were unable to find user-posted ratings and comments on the product page.

Sapphire V1

3. RealClean Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating

Another product we feel can effectively armor your aircraft with paint protection is RealClean’s Sapphire V1. The product has been specifically designed for aircraft and has a 1200 degree F. temperature resistance. RealClean sells some of the best aviation products, and we feel quite confident about their ceramic coating for planes as well.

Why It’s Our Third Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: RealClean coating for planes is another high-quality product you can get for your aircraft. We are of the opinion that Sapphire V1 offers great protection and it’s a great option for all aircraft owners. What impressed us is the amount of product information available on RealClean’s site. The manufacturer claims the product prevents oxidation and exhaust staining in the paint from Turboprop, Piston, and Jet engines. According to the info on their site, Sapphire V1 also has water-shedding properties. It comes in a standard bottle.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: With no customer comments on Amazon, we were able to find customer feedback elsewhere. Customers on their official site and other sites seem to be generally happy with the product.

PRICE: At the moment, Sapphire V1 product isn’t available on Amazon on its Amazon page. However, you can hop onto RealClean’s official website and get their 50 ml bottle for $149.95.

ONLINE PRESENCE: RealClean has a top-notch site and that’s where you’ll be able to find any info you need. There are coverage recommendations on the product page which can come in extremely handy.

Nasiol ZR53

4. Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating

Another product that simply had to find this way onto this list is a multipurpose ceramic coating product - Nasiol ZR53. With this amazing ceramic coating product, you’ll know your aircraft will look at its best all the time. Nasiol ZR53 doesn’t only offer a flawless aesthetic but it does a great job of protecting your jet from all sorts of damages. It ensures high durability by making use of the 9H nanotechnology, which has become quite popular in the sector.

Why It’s Our Fourth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: The 9H nanotechnology makes this product highly durable and resistant to scratch effects. Nasiol ZR53 is also durable to ph13 detergents, which enables an even glossier crystal effect. According to the information the manufacturer has left on Amazon, the product lasts at least three years. Besides the standard plastic bottle, the kit includes all necessary application equipment.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: This is the part where Nasiol ZR53 doesn’t do as well as some of the better-rated ceramic coating products. On Amazon, the product holds a rating of 4.2 out of 5, which might be an issue for some aircraft owners.

PRICE: Nasiol ZR53 is another relatively expensive option when it comes to airplane ceramic coating products. The kit prepared by Nasiol with a 50 ml bottle is available on Amazon for $119.90.

ONLINE PRESENCE: The official Nasiol website does a fairly good job of informing the customer about Nasiol ZR53. They also post regularly in their blog section all vehicle owners should consider checking out. Contact information is clearly listed on their home page.

Clear Coat – Ceramic Finishing Spray

5. Plane Perfect Clear Coat Hydrophobic Finishing Top Coat Spray

Are you looking for a cheap ceramic coating option for your plane? Look no further than Clear Coat created by experts at Plane Perfect. According to the manufacturer, this product does a better job of protecting aircraft than any other spray on the market. The brand is known for its passion for airplanes and they offer all popular detailing needs.

Why It’s Our Fifth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: One of the best things about ceramic coating sprays is that they’re DIY friendly. Whether you’re new to airplane detailing or you’re a veteran, applying the spray should be easy. Clear Coat is formed with Si14, another great formula for your jet. It offers relatively high protection and shine, especially when you take product price into consideration.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Clear Coat is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon on a very small scale (only four global ratings), so the rating may not be as helpful as it is with some other products on our list. The option to review the product on the Plane Perfect website exists but we found no user ratings at the time of writing.

PRICE: Plane Perfect’s Clear Coat is available on Amazon and you can get it for $26.95. Clear Coat finishing spray reload is available on their site for just $19.95.

ONLINE PRESENCE: The Plane Perfect website is informative and it’s easy to find their contact information on the contact us page. The site offers links to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Nano Bond PRO

6. Nano Bond Ceramic Coating

Offering crystal gloss, Nano Bond PRO is the next ceramic coating product on our list. The product is suitable for all vehicles and it might be a decent option for your plane. Judging from the comments and information online, Nano Bond PRO is another ceramic coating product that’s easy to apply.

Why It’s Our Sixth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: Nano Bond’s latest SiO2 formula will form a secure bond with your plane and keep it protected. The product offers strong protection against all sorts of environmental hazards, which might be exactly what you’re looking for. It has high abrasion resistance and high resistance to heat. The product is easy to apply and DIY-enthusiasts who opt for this product are guaranteed to have fun working on their project.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Nano Bond PRO is rated 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. The majority of positive comments were made about how DIY-friendly the product is.

PRICE: You can order Nano Bond PRO on amazon for $36.90 for a kit with a 30 ml bottle.

ONLINE PRESENCE: The Nano Bond PRO official website offers enough information about the product, but isn’t as informative as some other sites we mentioned in this post. However, the FAQ section can be helpful if you opt for this product.


Each airplane ceramic coating product on this list is a great option for aircraft owners. When applied, the ceramic coating will provide your plane with all the protection it needs and give it a bright shine. Also, working your jet is one of the best DIY experiences you can get, and applying the product will, without a doubt, be a fun challenge.


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