When Should You Change Your Spark Plugs?

Brandon Trenton

When Should You Change Your Spark Plugs

It comes to pass that sometimes you are not sure about when to replace the spark plugs. So for this cause, we have enlisted some six signs for letting you know about the spark plugs replacement.

Commonly, it happens to be that most of the drivers presume that the battery has some defect as a reason for the difficulty of starting the car. No doubt, the fault in battery can be one possibility for the said issue but there are a number of other factors too that contribute to the troubling start of the car.

Nevertheless, the one factor which has hand in not proper starting of the car is the defective spark plugs. Well, now when you have learned that this is one cause, it is significant for you to know why to guard this part of the car and what are the signs to know that it is the time for replacement of old spark plugs with a new one.

You need to look into the subsequent mentioned symptoms when thinking of spark plug replacement.

  1. When the check engine light is turning on or flashing
  2. When the car has difficulty in starting
  3. When the gas tank filling is more than usual
  4. When the engine of your car runs roughly
  5. When your car does not accelerate rapidly
  6. When the manufacturer’s recommended service time has reached

1. When the Check Engine Light is Turning On or Flashing

The first sign is that the check engine light starts flashing when the damaged spark plugs or its wires activate the check engine.

Reason Why Check Engine Light Turns On

It is said by the Auto Care technicians that in new cars or latest models cars it generally happens that when a plug sets off then the evident and clear sign it will depict is the flashing of the check engine light. Moreover, this can probably trigger the engine misfiring, subsequently causing the flashing of the check engine. In other words by the technicians, the lightening of the check engine indicates the terrible misfires of the engine.

Worthwhile, it is significant to know that the flashing of the check engine does not happen inconsequent to defective or worn-out spark plugs, there are a number of other reasons too.

Thus, it is just one factor that is detected by Free Code Scans of Auto care. Moreover, it discloses any codes that demonstrate a misfire inconsequent to a spark plug miscarriage meanwhile it is at our auto care where we facilitate with the proper equipment and proficiency in the engine control systems, sensors, and onboard diagnostics to achieve an advanced analytic and offer an accurate renovation and mending evaluation.


Considering this issue, it is a good option to change the spark plugs with the recommendation of the manufacturer’s guidelines since it is part of the precautionary repairs. Otherwise, it will be proved very expensive on your budget while moving with the defective spark plugs. It basically brings unnecessary pressure on your car’s catalytic converter, more specifically, the engine’s exhaust cleaner.

Moreover, when discussing the misfiring of spark plugs, it is necessary to tell about the signs of it. It runs very roughly, jagged or bumpy driving when it is accelerated and escalation in the exhaust discharge.

2. When the Car has Difficulty in Starting

One significant task of the spark plug is the production of spark in order to turn on the engine. The damaged or defective spark plugs do not properly function in this regard that is why you have a tough time starting the engine. Thus, when your car hesitates or delays while starting, then there is one possibility that the spark plugs are faulty or have got a problem.


In case your car does not turn on at all then there is an obvious issue with the battery of your car and needs to be fixed.

3. When the Gas Tank Filling is More Than Usual

The third notable symptom is that you start filling the gas tank more often. When the spark plugs become more defective then it is probable that the automobile’s gas consumption is raised. In this way, they become less capable to burn the fuel that enters the engine. Thus, it will lead to spending more money on the filling of the gas tank.


The solution for this issue that you need to modify the car set up so that it works properly.

It is verified that reparation of those cars which can’t be changed or modified or has failed the emission test only has 4% of the chance to improve.

4. When the Engine of Your Car Runs Roughly

The fourth sign is a very obvious one, when the spark plugs have worn out then the engine produces noises like clattering, clanging, or banging.

5. When Your Car Does Not Accelerate Rapidly

The experienced drivers or even the beginners know that how a fine vehicle operates or runs. In case, there is not usual functioning or driving habit of it, then you particularly attempt to accelerate it. That is the time when you come to know about the problem in the spark plugs.


Hence, you need to alter the spark plugs so that you do not face other costly problems onward.

6. When the Manufacturer’s Recommended Service Time Has Reached

Mostly, the vehicle’s manual guideline entails the details about the replacement of any part of the car or what is the capacity of them. In relation to the problem like a damaged spark plug, you need to review the maintenance schedule to check about the replacement of your spark plugs.

For more information, the spark plugs do not get damaged very rapidly. Interestingly, your car can drive for 80,000 miles on your car’s spark plugs before any replacement. On the contrary, if you note any mentioned symptoms, then it is high time to change your spark plugs.

If you continue driving the defective spark plugs then it can surely lead to more damages in engine.