How To Fix A Broken Car Window?

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How To Fix A Broken Car Window

Leaving your car behind and returning to a broken window is not less than a heart attack. While taking care of what is left behind is just like rubbing salt to the wound. This could happen anytime at any place, whether by hail, an accident, or a smash and grab incident. However, you have to take care of it until you get a repair.

Driving with a broken car window can be dangerous if you are not vigilant. You should clear away the broken glass in the first place. Obviously, it’s still unsafe as the car is open to theft, but covering it afterward can protect the interior from bad weather and excessive wind.

Things You Need to Cover a Broken Car Window

  • A pair of thick working gloves
  • A masking tape roll
  • High-density plastic trash bag
  • Micro-fiber cloth

Now that trash bag is your new window (temporarily thank God), and you can attach it with the help of the supplies listed above. Obviously, you won’t be able to look across the window clearly. You can use clear transparent plastic instead. It will allow some light inside, and you could also see colors in your periphery.

How to Cover a Broken Car Window Temporarily?

Step 1: Prepare

Put that pair of gloves on your hands before going close to the glass shards. You wouldn’t want to get hurt from those sharp pieces. Collect all of them and dispose of them in a container or bag, making it easier to recycle the material.

Step 2: Removing broken glass pieces

First, remove those larger pieces. With your hands, collect those shattered pieces carefully inside a bag.  Gently break away the remaining glass pieces left behind attached to the window. With a shop vac, vacuum the smaller glass pieces from the car seat, carpet, round the window frame, inside the car door and down inside the car.

This way, you wouldn’t miss on those small shards in the carpet that can hurt you later on. With a long vacuum attachment, you can get it done in a better way.

Step 3: Prepare the window

Now you need to clean around the window and prepare the surfaces around the window for attaching the glass. All you need is to wipe off the dust and dirt so the tape could properly stick to the covering. With a wet cloth, clean the window frame on all four sides. Then leave it to dry for some time.

Step 4: Place the plastic cover

After its all dry, get inside the car and place the plastic over the window frame. Hold the plastic first from the top and fix it with the masking take temporarily. Use small pieces along the length. Remember not to use any other tape as it could damage the car paint or leave a sticky mark behind after removal.

Step 5: Secure the plastic cover

Cut 6 to 10 pieces of masking tape, long in length. Keeping the plastic flat with your palm, pull it to one side of the window frame. Firmly stick all the pieces around each side of the window, one by one at a time. Keep the plastic stretched without leaving slack on the surface; otherwise, it will flap in the wind, and you will get irritated with the noise while driving.

Step 6: Sealing the window cover

Use more pieces of the masking tape around the covering to reinforce the seal. Another layer will keep the plastic cover fixed at its position. Now strong air or moisture cannot make it slip. Remember to check for the holes between the plastic and the window frame from where air and water can leak in. Otherwise, the plastic can tear off before you get the window fixed.

Step 7: Adding another layer from outside

If you need time to get the broken window replaced, then the best way to keep the temporary cover intact is by adding another layer. All you need to do is get out of the car, get another plastic cover, and repeat all the steps from four to six. Now the cover will stick on for multiple days and even in bad weather. This is how you can take care of a broken window.

Caution Required!

These covering would decrease your vision range while you drive your vehicle. So, if you are stuck in the situation, keep it slow and drive with extra care.

Avoid using dark or opaque material because it can inhibit the driver’s visibility. Kindly don’t try the same thing if you have a broken windshield.  

Again, this can help you for the time being. You need to replace the glass as soon as you can to protect your car and the people who would be sitting inside with you. We wish you don’t have to go through this but if you do, then you know what you have to do.