What Are The Symptoms of Overfilled Engine Oil In The Car And How to Fix It

Brandon Trenton

What to do if engine oil is overfilled in car

Excess use of everything is hazardous either machine utilizes it or humans. They both can be triggered by damage and fatality, respectively.

The nature is not always fortunate to excess users but it is fortunate to the moderating use.

The same rule applies to automobiles and machinery. The excess and shortage of its requirement (oil) lead to damage or complete failure of the machine. Most importantly, such actions should not be repeated every day.  

Considering this problem, every automobile has been manufactured with distinct guidelines to upkeep them. Worthwhile, it is significant that you should follow these users’ manuals and confine yourself with its rules. If you apply other vehicle’s guidelines then it will lead to one or more damage.

Moreover, it is a known fact that while changing or replacing it’s different it usually leads to more damage because your mind is distracted or do any simplest mistake. This will give more loss coupling with the time wastage.

This whole article is grounded on the point that what happens when you overfill your car with oil. Further, we have made it easy for you while categorizing it.

  1. What are the symptoms of overfilling the car?
  2. What happens when the oil exceeds its limit?
  3. What to do when it is overfilled now?
  4. What precautions should take while removing the extra oil?

What are the Symptoms of Overfilling the Car With Engine Oil?

In this part, we have enlisted down a few common signs that you can prevent beforehand after learning them from us. Some of them are specified and some are not. For instance, an engine sounds very loud cannot have one reason but several. It really does not indicate that there is an excess of oil in the engine.

In addition, there are several reliable ways to examine the level of oil in your car. It includes a method that takes a peek under the hood and takes out the dipstick. Now when the dipstick is removed and you still cannot see the fill line then there is too much fluid.

Moreover, you have this timing method to examine what is going on. In case you have altered the oil newly, there is a possibility that too much oil could be the cause.

  1. The oil escaping:
  2. When the engine emits smoke
  3. The smell of burning oil
  4. Impoverished functioning.

The Escaping of the Oil:

The first and noticeable sign of the overfilled engine is the escaping of the oil or it is enforced leakage when the engine functions. You can probably notice that the black puddles beneath your car can be a symptom.

These puddles can give you harm when you go out with the ill condition of car.

When the Engine Emits Smoke:

Emission of the smoke from the engine compartment is another sign of oil overfilling in the engine. In case, this leakage of oil goes into contact with the temperate sections then it will emit bluish smoke.

Moreover, conferring to the puddles these redundant emissions are not eco-friendly. Interestingly, the driving of smoke emission vehicles is unlawful in a few states.

The Smell of Burning Oil:

The third symptom of the overfilling of oil in engine is that oil has burning smell. You will definitely notice and feel the sign of the unpleasant and stinking of burning oil.

The Impoverished Functioning:

The overfilling of oil in the engine can cause a lot more problems than you can imagine. That is why it is necessary to consider repairing on time. The shaking up by the crankshaft and other disturbed components lead to the leakage of the extra oil.

In addition, the thick fluid will be changed into a foamy or light shape and this lightweight foam will not be operative as an oil or grease.

Problems That Can Make the Functioning Issues Worse

Moreover, it will add to the unreliable heights of the oil pressure. The mentioned problems can aggravate the subsequent functioning issues.

  1. The loud engine. 
  2. Filibustering or backfires  
  3. Hurdles in fast-moving
  4. Routine high-temperature
  5. Distress in starting the motor.

What Happens When the Engine Oil Exceeds Its Limit?

As we have already mentioned that one or two-millimeter oil above the fill line is not a matter of concern. This can infrequently happen. However, if the oil is exceeding the few inches the fill line then it can obviously damage the car being one good reason. Notably, the unrequired filling can surely create trouble for your car.

There are list of conditions that can happen when you continue driving with an overfilled engine oil car.

  1. The Blocked Catalytic Converter
  2. The dirty spark plug
  3. The damaged engine
  4. Unstable pressure
  5. No cooling or cleaning
  6. The Engine Failure

The blocked Catalytic Converter:

The excess amount of oil in the engine can cause lots of issues that is it goes into a section of the engine and car that it should not actually. For instance, the excess oil goes into the catalytic converter area where it can get blazed.

Notably, this part of the car was not devised to operate and take care of the fluids. That is why it is blocked when the oil reaches this area of the car, resulting in the sluggish behavior of the motor.

In this way, the whole car may stop running. The replacement of this part is not that convenient as well as it is costly in the market.

The Dirty Spark Plugs:

The excess oil in the engine can make the spark plugs dirty too through escaping from engine. It will be a waste investment in case you have purchased a new spark plug.

The Damaged Engine:

The engine can get damaged when the fluid or engine oil gets foamy lubricant. It can’t guard the different parts of the engine against preventing friction. That is why it is believed that having foamy grease is just like not having it.

Unstable Pressure:

Another unfortunate incident can happen with your car due to excess oil that is the instability of the pressure. The frothy oil has got high pressures of air in it. When it moves throughout the engine, it can undermine the oil pressure. Inconsequent to this, the valve pipes can fail and the shafts or rods can be twisted. The undermined pressure will make your motor to work roughly.

No Cooling or Cleaning issue:

The excess oil first becomes frothy then it will badly influence the other features or functioning of car components. This foamy fluid does not operate well to dissolve the contaminants or scatter the heat.

In addition, the damaging corrosive substances can also accumulate the engine. The residue will be accumulated and blocking the crucial parts.

Collapse of Engine:

Lastly, all issues that have come up with the excess of the oil in the engine can surely make the functioning of the engine failed.

What To Do When It Is Overfilled Now?

Now when you have come to know what problem the excess oil has caused to your car either you can take it to professional help or do something by yourself.

We have enlisted certain solutions for you but that does not mean it can wholly help you especially when specified part of your car has already been damaged. The solutions are for the people who want to take action promptly for the problems.

  1. Drain the excess oil
  2. Utilize an oil extractor pump
  3. Get help from professional

Drain the Excess Oil:

This is the first solution for people who want to repair their cars. It will be much easier for persons who already have knowledge of cars. They can surely do it by themselves at home.

So the whole process is based on the normalizing the oil level without emptying the oil in the tank.

In order to perform this act, you will require using certain tools: glasses and gloves used as a safety, proper spanner for the sewer plug, car jack, and plastic oil pan.

The First Step:

The first step is about precautionary measures. You need to be careful checking if the engine is cool or not. Secondly, wear your safety glasses and gloves, it might get you burnt.

The Second Step:

You need to give your car the support of vehicle jack. Also, examine it is safe.

The Third Step:

In this step, the plastic or steel drainage pan will be used.  Place it under the drain plug otherwise, it will get dirty if you lose the grip.

The Forth Step:

When you finally think that an adequate amount of oil has been drained, it is time to tighten the plug with the spanner. Do it with losing time and very carefully.

The Fifth Step:

Finally, it is time to tighten the plug. Next, you need to examine the oil dipstick whether you can see the fill line or not. Also, how much oil does it need to drain or it is enough draining.

The Utilization of Oil Extractor Pump:

The second method is to use an oil extractor pump. You need to have few tools that include: old rag, the tank which has measurements marked on it otherwise the simple container will work too, gloves need lastly. If you do not have it, that is okay.

The First Step:

The initial step is precautionary. First check the temperature, if hot then wait till it becomes cool. You can continue doing your work wearing gloves.

The Second Step:

Put up the bonnet of the car and pull out the dipstick while putting it on old rag. This will guard the floor from tints.

The Third Step:

Inside the manual’s users, the guideline is given for setting up of the extractor. Now, link it to the electricity source i.e. your battery. Make ready the tubes and plastic drainage pan.

The Forth Step:

Now implant the extractor pipe into the pipe of dipstick. Start your machine and keep on checking the pan.

You can turn off the machine when the oil has been drained. You can again try doing it if you have not removed too much.

The Fifth Step:

Lastly, it is all about disconnecting and assembling things to get them into their places. The aftermath of examining the oil level, disconnect the extractor and place the dipstick.

Getting the Support of Professional:

The last option excluding your attempts to solve the problem is to get help of car expert that is mechanic.

You can tell your mechanic the issues and they will solve them as per it is required. Further, you should tell them that usually the drainage of oil does not have any charges.

In case, you do not have any oil extractor pump then you should surely get the help of the professional.

What Precautions To Take While Removing the Extra Oil?

We had some other options too for you as precautions but we will be telling those which are not hazardous for you and your car. Since some of the methods are not to practice at home that is why we are just mentioning two of them;

  1. The non-automotive vacuum or equipment:
  2. Mouth drain off

The Non-Automotive Vacuum or Equipment:

Hereby, you do not need to force inserting a syringe down the dipstick tube. In case, the needle gets broken then there will be other issues standing before you. In the same way, utilize a prepared vacuum.

The Mouth-Drain Off:

Do not even try to drain off the oil with a pipe of your own mouth.


In the enclosure, we sum up saying that you have come to know what happens when there is an excess of oil in the engine. As it is already mentioned that one or two millimeters of oil do not affect the car but the inches or quarts do influence the car adversely.

Nevertheless, we have entailed the symptoms and other solutions in hand for you. We surely encourage you to apply all the necessary methods in order to save your car beforehand.

If you do not trust you skills then you can definitely consult a professional.