How to Track a Car Using Your Phone or Built-In GPS?

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How to Track a Car Using your Phone

We all have this bad time when any moveable property gets lost due to so many reasons, let’s say theft or forgetting where we parked it. This can happen with everyone that you most probably forgot where you parked the car or somebody misplaced the car. Considering such issues, we will be certainly in need of help to find out where it is parked actually. Precisely, we all want to know some tricks and tips to help ourselves track our cars. With the advancement of technology, it has become too easy to discover the lost car.

Thus, we can track our cars by using technology or software to know about the auto’s location. This piece will entail about the fact “How to Track the Car Using the Subsequent Technology”

Utilizing the Built-In GPS of Your Car

So, the first of three ways to track the location of your car is to utilize the GPS device that is already built and installed inside the car’s navigation system. Interestingly, this attribute is now found in every new model manufactured cars.

It helps a lot the driver who has lost his/her car. It also does not cost a person since you will not need to buy one.

What You Need to do to Track the Car?

  1. First, you need a device to connect to the Internet so that you can log into the website (GPS Tracking Platform).
  2. Secondly, you will be requested to roll during the starting login phase. In this way, you can track the location of your car.

Notably, not every other car has this feature. Those cars with this attribute have higher costs which are not affordable by everyone.

Utilizing a Mobile Phone

The second way includes the usage of the mobile. It will not cost you too much but one should be efficient enough to regulate the automobile’s location.

You need to download the app for Car tracking from the play store and install it. This is the initial stage.

Worthwhile, you do not require buying any smartphone unless the GPS and cellular network coverage functions properly. Similarly, you can also buy a prepaid phone but need to assure if its data plan is enough worthy to function properly in order to track the vehicle.

In addition, the more you use this tracking platform, the more exact is the location service. Thus, your cell phone should have these three things i.e. GPS, wireless, and good cellular connectivity. This will aid in the correctness of tracking the exact location of the vehicle.

Most importantly, you need to own such a phone which must have good battery life since the turning on of the GPS and Internet drains away from the battery quickly. Now when you have considered good battery life, it is time to consider other things like GPS Tracker Apps.

There are few apps that can help you i.e. Accutracking, Google Maps for Mobile, Instamapper, and Spysat alongside Famisafe. The GMM and Instamapper are free of cost platform whilst the Accutracking needs monthly payment.

What Will the Car Tracker App Require?

  1. It has a registration procedure to complete
  2. New Account Creation
  3. Creation of login details in order to use its different features easily.
  4. Supplying Mobile phone details that will be used as GPS trackers.

How to Track the Car Using Mobile Phone?

You can track it down by placing your phone in the car in any place where it is not visible at all. You can even put it inside the dashboard or under the seat. It has to remain hidden.

How Can you Keep the Battery Running?

It is one of the critical steps. You can keep the mobile phone GPS Tracker running through connecting the charging cable to the wires that head to the 12-volt cigarette lighter. Whilst, other people link mobile to the battery of the car in order to charge.

In contrary to all these processes, you can help yourself through disconnecting the mobile as you reach home. Also, you can charge it for the next time just to track your car.

In the enclosure, you can track your car with the personal mobile inside the car while operating from somewhere else. For example, you can log in to your GPS tracking platform’s website and enter your details. In this way, you can trace the location of your vehicle while utilizing the menus on the website properly.

Utilize a GPS Tool

Sometimes, it is very tricky to use the phone as a GPS tracker that is why we have proposed a third way to track your car through using GPS Tool. It is a small but very effective tool.

Okay, suppose you have lost your car in the parking lot then you can use this Tile’s newly launched tool. It has several attributes among which the Bluetooth functionality is most probably beneficial. It has a range of 200 feet. However, you can change its range through being part of the Tile users’ community.

The disadvantage of Bluetooth is that it does not have an unlimited range. That is why it is advised to utilize other small tools of GPS alongside other Geo Location platforms. They have got longer battery life. Interestingly, it can be used for the other 14 days excluding the problems of connecting to a power source.

But, you will still need a computer or phone to log into the website of these tools. In this way, you can trace the location of the car.

Conclusively, it is too simple to track the location of cars since you only require GPS tools, tracking platforms, and internet connection. You have to take care of all the essentials since these are the key role player in finding out the location of your car.