Reasons Why You Should Ceramic Coat the Exhaust Headers and Turbo Parts of your Car

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Ceramic coating exhaust headers

The Nano-ceramic coating operates on several areas or surfaces, for instance, clear coating, headlight but what about exhaust headers and turbo sections. It is up to you if you want to believe or not, but this increasing thing in the presentation aftermath of the market industry is the utilization of the ceramic spray coatings on the traditional exhaust and fuel system parts. We will be discussing this thing in this piece.

While elaborating on different information, we will entail about why you need to contemplate utilizing a ceramic coat spray to guard your aftermarket exhaust and turbo parts. Additionally, we will elaborate on the distinction between these high-temperature ceramic sprays and the DIY Nano coating.

What is the Main Distinction Between DIY Nano Coatings and Ceramic Coating Spray?

Generally, they both are made to function for a similar cause such as shielding the area from the contact of the dirt or debris that can lead to damage.

Nano-Coatings Use Nano-Technology

The Nano-coating utilizes the Nano-technology to pierce the microscopic inadequacies found on the clear coating and other permissible surfaces. Whilst they can probably tackle high and low temperatures, this kind of product is effectively utilized on the substances that do not hide 500-degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ceramic Coating Does Not Utilize Nano-Technology

Moreover, the high-temperature ceramic coating is frequently regarded as an exhaust coating, header coating, or high heat coating. Also, it does not utilize the Nano-technology and is created to stick on the top of the surfaces. The high-temperature ceramic coatings are made to forbid the rest of the things that are disposed to a higher temperature. Most probably, they can resist the constant disclosure to the temperature close to 1600 degrees F.

Thickness of Ceramic Coatings and Nano-Coatings

Also, when it is smeared accurately alongside spray of the high-temperature coating will be 2 to 4 mils thick, it produces a rigid surface that is reluctant to chipping and corrosion. Similarly, the Nano-ceramic coatings are microscopic in thickness and similarly produce the secured surface resistant to the alike things. Moreover, these kinds of ceramic sprays coatings are also obtainable in numerous colors. The choice lies at your end.

How Can High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings Be Utilize?

Generally, the client utilizes a high-temperature ceramic coating on great functioning in the market of spare parts. Further, it can be smeared to the aluminum, carbon steel, and chrome, etc. It can also be applied remarkably on the pistons, headers, turbo intakes, housings, brackets, and exhaust and pipes.

What are the Benefits of Applying High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings?

Many car enthusiasts devote their money to the elevation of the fuel and exhaust system to the best functioning. In case they are keen, they will guard those investments with a spray high-temperature ceramic coating. This is merely due to the numerous benefits they give.

1. Guards Your Undercarriage Exhaust Components

The prime cause of using ceramic coats is that the exhaust and fuel system part is to guard or shield them from contact with the high heat, rusting, and corrosion. Moreover, the headers and exhaust system components are wide open to the dirt and remnants from underneath of the auto. This can constitute road grime, the salts, and other melting chemicals, trash, and so forth. People who reside vicinity to the sea or saltwater lake, their cars’ exhaust pipes can easily get corroded.

So, smearing the high-temperature ceramic coating guards your undercarriage exhaust components against oil, gas, and other chemicals that cause corrosion of metals. Interestingly, some ceramic coating products can aid the decline of the damage from rocks, sand, and dirt.

In addition, it assists in declining the harm or damage done by the scorching heat. These coatings are robust to the extent that they can shield up to the 1300 or even 1600 degrees. It ultimately leaves sufficient space for the nitrous-infused burn sessions. 

2. Reduces the Thermal Cycling

People who use turbo diesel, they certainly have knowledge about the thermal cycling. In case you have no idea then we will be telling you. When the components catch temperature then they get cool down since the metals go through a thermal cycle. In this way, the metal becomes hard which cause damage like it cracks, corrodes and fully fail.

When you smear a high-temperature ceramic coating spurt on the turbo components, then it will aid to upkeep a lower surface temperature of metals. This declines the thermal cycling which endures the life cycle of the turbo housings and other components that go through fast temperature cycling.

3. Maintains the Shine and Outlook

In case you had chrome headers back in days, you would have observed that staining on the bends. This happens on the account of the extreme temperature (heat) concentrated on those bends of the metal coupling with the chrome’s failure to tackle the extreme heats. Smearing the high-temperature ceramic coating not only excels the heat absorption while excels the outlook.

It declines roughness, bluing and tarnishing that is connected with the chrome, powder coatings and other temperature-sensitive resources. In addition, there are numerous colors and design types constituting polished aluminum coatings and many others.

4. Upsurge the Performance

So, this one is not chrome but a polished aluminum high-temperature ceramic coating. It is an unsolved mystery for me that when the car enthusiasts devote their money excelling the fluid flow of their engine but not altering their exhaust system. As we all know the engine is the animate part that needs to take in the fuel and breathe out while consuming the exhaust gases.

Moreover, when the exhaust system does not complement the improvements, you will eventually miss the good functioning. In response to this, the car owners elevate their exhaust systems from the manifold to the muffler. Smearing the high-temperature ceramic coating can aid in excelling the smart flow of the exhaust through your system, it further permits your engine to consume more fuel and hence manufacturing more horsepower.

5. Increase the Speed of Exhaust Gas Flow

Similarly, the ceramic coating can upsurge the speed of the exhaust gas flow. It can aid in the decline of the thermal dropping which occurs when hot spots foster on bare metal just like those twists of the tubing on the exhaust pipes.

When the headers and manifolds are smeared then the heat is expended across the entire metal substance. It can eradicate the backpressure, which excels the flow of exhaust and hence add in the horsepower.

What Kind of High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings are Available?

There are a number of ways, brands, and kinds of high-temperature ceramic coatings. Meanwhile, there are some Do It Yourself solutions; the great outcome will be acquired from the specialized ceramic coating usages. The usage is numerous step procedures that include numerous coats, treatment, and remedies.

The clients can choose for a few distinct grades of qualified ceramic coating applications plus these subsequent ones mentioned.

The Low Heat- Up to 1300 Degrees

This low heat way and kind of coating utilized in the recovering projects. The car owners will utilize this kind of ceramic coating on the rear end coverings, valve covers, and other low heat generating engine components. The low heat diversity can tackle up to 1300 degrees F and is given in the bright ceramic colors or polished aluminum.

The Medium Heat-up to 1600 Degrees

The medium heat ceramic covering is the only way to choose for the people who are looking to play this performance game. This is utilized on the headers, turbo components, and obviously the articulated engines and motorcycle components. Many utilize this covering for the exhaust parts, however in case you have a high winding, thin burning engine mixture; you might like to increase the coating to the finest conservation.

The High Heat – Up to 2000 Degrees

This is the go-to heat shield ceramic coating. It is completely flawless for the contesting automobiles. Moreover, this kind of heating is also utilized in the internal combustion components, for instance, pistons. Interestingly, some people even utilize this on the clutch bell housing on the racing vehicles.

Ceramic Coating and Nano-Coating FAQs

Can you smear DIY high-temperature ceramic coatings?

Most probably, there are scores of better DIY ceramic coating sprays that are sold in cans. These are very handy to smear. The prep task is really the time taking thing.

Can you utilize a Nano-coating like Armor Shield IX on Exhaust or Turbo Housings?

The use of the Armor shield or related Nano-ceramic coatings is not certainly suggested for this kind of usage. Meanwhile, we are confident enough in the usage of the DIY Nano-ceramic coating on different exteriors, exhaust and turbo housings are the ones that should not utilize the Nano-coating.


Since we have already elaborated that they are two distinct materials, so we emphasize that if you are probing to guard your air inhale then utilize Armor Shield IX. Similarly, it is a great choice for the valve covers, battery boxes, engine coverings, and other plastic engine coatings. In case your engine parts are metallic and catch high temperature, it is the best option to utilize the specific high-temperature ceramic coating spray.