Why is the Air Conditioner of My Car Blowing Out Hot Air?

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Why is the Air Conditioner of My Car Blowing Out Hot Air

The worth of air conditioners cannot be ignored in summers since it plays a significant role in the provision of comfort and cool day. This ultimately gives you a good experience of the whole day. Nevertheless, the vehicle designers and manufacturers have installed the ACs in the cars too just to provide the users with a comfy ride.

Let’s suppose that your AC stops working then what? There are a number of reasons but we are enlisting a few of them.

  1. The low refrigerant levels:
  2. Problems in the condenser
  3. The defective compressor
  4. The Broken cooling fans
  5. The electrical problems


1. Low Refrigerant Levels

The first leading cause of AC blowing in the lower level of refrigerant in the AC.

What is Refrigerant?

The refrigerant is a material that gives the measures of the cooling access to the passenger compartment. It is basically a fluid utilized in the heat and refrigeration cycle. Furthermore, its absence can give a negative effect on the proper functioning of the AC.

What Happens When There is Inadequate Refrigerant Fluid?

It is obvious that when there is inadequate refrigerant fluid, it will result in improper operation of AC i.e. the heat will not be nullified from the compartments and will burn out in the passenger section.

What Happens in those Vehicles Where the AC System is Airtight?

Conferring to the airtight car AC system, the need for rejuvenating or refilling of the refrigerant is not required. The reason behind this fact lies that there is no place for the fluid to disperse or simply vanish. Further, the inadequacy of fluid’s level results from the leakage in the system.

How Does the Refrigerant Turn into Gas?

The fluid or refrigerant takes its first way from the canister. Very often, it is found in the gaseous form. The moment it arrives at the compressor, it eventually gets pressurized and takes the form of liquid. Further, it goes into the condenser where the liquid form fluid emits surplus heat. Since then the fluid takes the gaseous form prior to the arrival of the evaporator.

Why Does the Refrigerant turn into Gas?

The reason behind the refrigerant fluid taking the gaseous state is that it arrives in the less pressurized section or lesser resistant area where it shows its ability to take another form.

Meanwhile, the leakage leads to a lessening of pressure within the system, the fluid can easily take liquid form. Thus, it is not easy to conclude where the leakage is.

Consulting an Expert

Thus, it can be incurred anyplace in the pipes of the system. We have the option of a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. It will be difficult for common automobile users to decide the defective leakage. You need to consult the professional person who is an expert in the conditioning technician field.


2.The Problems in the Condenser

What do Condensers do in the ACS?

The primary function of the condenser is to get rid of the excess heat from the fluid refrigerant that comes from the compressor.

Secondly, it permits the fluid to lower the temperature prior to conversion into the gaseous state while it passes through the other compartments of the AC system.

Thirdly, it appears to be just like a radiator wherein it is in front of a small couple of cooling fans is placed. The cause of placing it there is to get rid of excess heat from the fluid (refrigerant).

What are Two Key Problems in the Condenser?

1) Blockage in the pipe Broken condenser

The other two reasons for blowing hot air in the condenser are blockage in the pipe and broken condenser.

The blockage in the pipe or anywhere in the tube can result in the improper operation of the condenser. In this way, hot refrigerant remains to be hot. Similarly, the fluid refrigerant continues to remain hot in the passenger compartment too.

2) Broken Condenser 

In addition to it, the broken condenser is the next big affecting problem that does not let the condenser perform its function. Since it is obvious that the leaky fluid refrigerant can be caused by a perforated pipe, however, if there is not any escaping part then it is still possible to rupture the condenser. Emphatically, it will not let the condenser do its primary function.

What is the solution?

An AC technician is required to find a permanent solution in relation to this problem. Mostly, the solution for a ruptured tube is to substitute it with a new one.


3. The Defective Compressor

What is the Function of a Compressor in AC?

  1. The compressor is another significant component in AC that operates as a means of transmission of refrigerant fluid.
  2. It connects the pipes, holes and other tools together just to deliver the fluid in its right place
  3. The compressor has a couple of fans too with it which assists to deliver the airflow from AC vents to passenger cabins.

The Reason Behind the Failure of the Compressor

The compressor has not been operated for a long time which leads to giving its system a shock increasing in its failure.

How to Upkeep the Compressor?

It does not matter what the weather is outside, you just need to start the AC once in a month for 10-15 minutes.


4. Broken Cooling Fans

The AC comprises a couple of fans too which assist in getting rid of the excessive heat. You can estimate how crucial a role it plays in the proper functioning of AC. Its absence can cause not the removal of heat which gives grounds for the emission of hot air.

The cooling fans in the automobile are not the strongest ones and can easily be broken which will further need a substitute. Coupling with broken fans, the other issues include burnt out the fuse and other electrical issues.


5. Electrical Issues

With the advancement in the design and functioning of automobiles, the sources of its operation have changed so far. Now everything requires electricity to be operated. The AC car also needs electricity to function. The electrical issues are not simple to identify and analyze.

How Can We Diagnose Electrical Issues in the AC?

You can diagnose the electrical issue following the wires in the AC and where it leads. In the midway, if you identify any issues then well and good. The wires are mendable and replaceable.

Even though you do not diagnose the issue then an automatic electrician is needed.

In conclusion, you can find a solution to the problem when you are aware of the issue. WE have told you what are the possible issues that can be found in the blown-out AC.

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